About Me

I was raised in the Four Corners region of New Mexico and although I no longer live in the “Land of Enchantment” it remains my ancestral home. Born to the Laguna/Kwatsan/Paiute Nations on my father’s side and the Chicano tradition on my mother’s, our family history is a rich cultural heritage that stretches back in the region for hundreds of years.

Just as my heritage crosses boundaries, so does my writing process. I have written and published poetry, flash fiction, short stories, essays, and memoir. Last year I embarked on the study of drama. A performing autobiography class at the University of Iowa has recently sparked my interest in one-act plays.

I have strong environmental interests and spend my free time hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing. I was a student assistant for the Audubon Society at their ecological camp in Maine where I learned to tag cormorants, care for aquariums; I was lucky enough to engage with scientists as they reintroduced the North Atlantic Puffin to the northeastern seaboard.

Prior to becoming a writer, educating children was my primary focus; I enjoy John Holt’s philosophy and believe experiential learning is key. In my opinion, shoestring travel, animal interactions, and the great outdoors are the best teachers in life. As a result of my belief, my family and I have traveled on a budget in Alaska, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Central America, and Europe.

My writing reflects both my roots and my wings.